November 12, 2013

North Shore: Day 7 (last day in Hawaii)

This was a sad day for me. I LOVED this vacation more than i imagined i would. It was soooo much fun. On this day we hurried and packed everything up, I went to the temple and did a session in the morning while Eric let Aubree nap in the car, and then we met up with our friends-the Murdocks- and we went to the Polynesian Cultural Center. We walked around until our girls couldnt stand another minute and then drove down to spend the last few hours in Waikiki before we caught our red eye flight home. We had such a wonderful time! Enjoy the last few pictures (and by few i still mean like 30+ :)

These first few pictures are from the night before we left. We wanted to get a group shot of all of our kids. Sarah found these matching swimsuits for the girls before we left. They all looked super cute. And then  you have the Slades boys being highly outnumbered by the girls-they are the CUTEST boys you will ever meet!!

 This picture (above) is everyone lined up from youngest to oldest (Noah, Abby, Jocelyn, Aubree, Jane, and then Grant)

 Jocelyn showed Aubree that since she is now 1 (it was her birthday that day) Aubree cant push her around any more. :)
 ....and aubree is down and jocelyn is looking super excited about it :)
 I'm totally kidding. Aubree and Jocelyn have always played really well together!!

Ok-now the next few pictures are of our last day. Here you go:

 Aubree was trying to steal banana's from the banana tree. Kidding-we don't steal bananas. Right David?

 back to walking around Waikiki

 craziest/cool trees. Their roots grown down and eventually go in to the ground (if that makes any sense)...

Congratulations on making it through 7+ blog posts and TONS of pictures of our Hawaii trip. We had such a fun time and can't wait to go back! 


  1. I have loved all the pictures and the updates!

  2. Hahaha yeah, who the heck would steal bananas from the PCC?!?! ;)

  3. I just barely saw this post and love it! Oh Hawaii...its been almost a year! The pictures (and comments) of Joce and Aubree crack me up!