November 4, 2013

North Shore: Days 4 & 5

Day 4:
This day consisted of seeing turtles on the beach, eric getting coconut water straight from a coconut, trying shrimp from a shrimp bus, and hanging out at pounders beach in La'ie. Enjoy the many pictures :)

 apparently it was very bright outside :)

 This is the famous shrimp bus. Eric stood in line to eat some shrimp-i stayed in the car while our baby napped. He said it was delicious!

 Fun story to this wagon picture-back when i was like 3 or 4 I was staying with my grandparents in portland oregon. They took us to the beach for a few days. One day my grandma thought it would be cute to take a picture of me sitting in the red wagon (just like aubree's wagon in the picture). I agreed to sit in it while she took a picture and then a wave came and got me all wet and started tipping me out and I did not like that. So i had to try to recreate the moment of "sitting in a wagon" for my grandma child!
 Our awesome sandcastle and adorable sandcastle builder :)

 She was having so much fun on the beach this day. I think it was because it was slightly overcast so it wasn't as hot. She loooooved digging in the sand with her shovel and throwing it up in the air everywhere.

DAY 5-Sunday we went to the La'ie temple grounds and visitors center before church. The grounds are beautiful! The ward we went to was very nice. During sunday school and relief society every one was sooo friendly! We heard lots of "wow, ohh, cool" when we told everyone we were visiting from anchorage, alaska.

 This is the gang!! Left to right: Sarah and David Murdock (their two girls: Jane and Abby), Hayley and Justin Baird (their little girl: Jocelyn), Us, and then we have Kelsey and Trevor Slade (and their two boys: Grant and Noah). We love all of these people very much and are so grateful to have such great friends!!

 And we ended the evening with a beautiful sunset.

and these cool looking geckos. 

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