February 17, 2012


THREE is a very exciting number for us today.

That would be because in THREE months we will have been married for THREE years and we will be a family of THREE!!!

We are SOO very excited!

THREE months and counting....

February 12, 2012

More Alaskan Adventures

Hi everyone J As promised, here are a few more Alaskan adventures and some updates from us. By the way, this is Eric. Yeah, weird right? I don’t usually get into the whole blog thing, but Holly told me that Tanner McD does it. If Tanner can do it, I think I can get away with it too.

Holly is 27 weeks along and is FINALLY starting to show. She’d never say it, but I think she thinks it’s fun to finally look pregnant. We are both really excited – May 17th!

It’s hard to believe that we’ve only lived here a month and a half. We feel like we’ve been able to see and do a lot already…

Met some important people…

Took in the exotic wildlife (yes, that is a painted wall. Cool, eh?)...

Sat on an ice throne...
Took a ride on the real 'polar' express...

Swam some laps at the local pool…

And seen more snow than we have ever seen in our entire lives!

...and shoveled our fair share of it :)

Since we first arrived here in Anchorage, we have kept an “Alaskan Bucket List” (things we want to definitely do while we are up here) and that list just keeps growing. Here is where we’re at thus far.

See the Northern Lights


Cross Country Skiing

Shoot a Moose

Shoot a Grizzly Bear

Catch every type of Salmon

Day cruise

Go through the 3 mile tunnel

Whale watching

Walk on a glacier

Take pictures of:

- Moose (bull, cow, and baby)

- Black Bear

- Grizzly Bear

- Lynx

- Bald Eagle

- Humpback Whale

- Killer Whale

- Caribou

- Wolves

Backcountry snowboard

Teach our little girl how to ski

So far we’ve only checked one off the list. This past week we went on a moose hunt here in Anchorage (just with the camera) and we got lucky! Take a look.

Moose # 1

Moose # 2

These first two we saw near a place called Kincaid Park which is only 10-15 minutes away from our house. We thought we got pretty lucky – moose hunt successful. We got home and were eating lunch in the kitchen of our townhome when believe it or not, a moose showed up RIGHT in our backyard. Here is the proof.

Moose #3, just right off of our back porch. I think this one counts as a baby…she was pretty young.

Pretty cool. This past week we took a picture of this next one….the door on the left is our neighbor’s front door.

Anyways…in other news, Holly took her Nursing Boards this past weekend! She has been studying quite a bit. She’s hoping like crazy that she passed – I am sure she did. That could be her last test EVER! From what we hear, Nurses are pretty high in demand up here so it might actually work out for Holly to get some experience in the field for a couple of months before the baby comes. We’ll see.

I however, am not so lucky. While she was taking her test, I swung by the office and picked up my study materials for the CPA Exam.

While we’re on the accounting subject, here is where I work. Pretty nice eh? You have got to love the grey cubicle. At least it’s got a name tag, right?

All in all, life is pretty good right now. People are outgoing and pretty laid back. We thought we would miss those Idaho sunsets, but this one is p-retty darn good. I did see a bag of potatoes at Walmart the other day that brought back a little nostalgia, but we're enjoying living up here.