August 26, 2010

quick update

so-it has definitely been a while. Eric and i have both finished 3 semesters at BYU-I and are now enjoying the last few weeks of our summer before we jump into another semester.

Some updates-eric is still in the bishopric in our ward-he loves it and does so well at it. I got a new calling a few weeks ago. I am the primary president in our ward of 2 kids :) (but i just received word that 4 more kids will be joining us...hooray) it is super fun and i enjoy every second of it.

I didn't get into the nursing program :( that was a hard day, But i've learned to have faith in God's timing and in his plan.

Our one year anniversary past about 3 months's crazy how fast time goes by. We are so in love and are just loving living life together.

I got a new job at Deseret Book- i was so glad to say goodbye to Melalueca :) Deseret Book has been soo super good to me. The people i work with are fabulous and my job is just perfect. ( My 2nd week working there i got to meet david archuleta-he came for his book signing and i got to meet him while i was working- that was pretty fun)

We went on a fun vacation to Portland, Oregon and then on to the Oregon Coast where we stayed at my grandparents beach house. We loved Oregon-it was beautiful and so much fun. We loved the beach and the nice break from Rexburg :)

I have to leave my job now :( i was only there for about 3 1/2 months and i have loved every second, but i am leaving with good reason. ready for some BIG exciting news.... remember how i said i didn't get into the nursing program? Well, i didn't. But a couple of weeks ago we received some EXCITING news-someone dropped their spot in the program and i was next in line-which means.....I GOT IN!! Oh that was such an exciting day. I was working and Eric came into the store with the letter and said read this- I was so happy, surprised, and excited that i cried. I am so thankful and feel so blessed. I am getting so nervous and anxious!! There was a lot of paperwork and things that need to be done before school starts so i got right on it-i am now CPR certified, did my criminal background check (which is clean if you were worried), did my physical at the doctor (in which i found out that my left eye sees pretty much nothing-good thing i have a strong right eye...this might mean glasses???) did my immunizations, my arm is still super sore from that, and now i am just getting started on the 3 tests i have to take before school starts-yep, 3 tests...i feel a little intimidated, but i'll make it.

Life is great! We are loving being in Rexburg, living in a wonderful apartment, being close to the temple, being students, but we are mostly loving our summer with one another.

(i'll try not to make it a year until the next promises though )

March 8, 2010

the best

the best=valentines day
valentines day was a while ago, i'm a little behind on this blog, but
it was the best! I have the best husband EVER. He told me he was
planning a little surprise for valentines day so that i wouldn't make
any big purchases or plans. I was so excited! Well, he surprised me
with a little scavenger hunt around our house and it lead to our ihome
where my FAVORITE colbie caillat song was playing (probably the one
playing on your computer right now) and in front of it was a beautiful
rose and 2 tickets to the colbie caillat concert!!! Oh man oh man i was
SOO excited and SO happy. Eric is seriously the best-not because he got
me tickets to my favorite singer, but because of how much love he has
for me. He is too good!
and as for valentines DAY-we got a call that morning to meet with our stake president.
Eric got a new calling-so long ward indexing leaders hello 2nd counselor in the
bishopric! Wow we were surprised :) but it seems to be going great. We
have a wonderful bishop and a great ward and a BEAUTIFUL new church building
(no more meeting on campus!!!!)
Other than these updates life has just stayed very busy. Eric now has a job on campus
at the career/internship office. He works doing the resume critiques and mock interviews!
We are just truckin along and doing GREAT!

January 23, 2010

it's been a while

Wow it's been a while! Things have been pretty busy in our lives. We finished our first semester at BYU-I in December and we loved it! We are really liking it here. We are in a fabulous ward, have great friends, and live right next to the temple! The semester ended well-we both got a's in our classes, Eric got a scholarship because he is a genius (thanks BYU-I for the $1,000 smackers in our bank account :) After we finished our finals we drove down to American Fork to spend a few days with the Olson crew. We had so much fun with them! We love it when we get to visit. We had a certificate to the anniversary inn for a free night stay in ANY room so on the way to idaho we stopped in salt lake and used our pass. We stayed in a $350 dollar room and it was completely FREE!!! It was a gorgeous room with a view of salt lake and it came with free snacks :) it was really fun. We spent the rest of christmas break with my family. We went skiing a few times and just relaxed and prepared ourselves for the upcoming semester. Our car was loaded down when we were driving back to Rexburg. (Thanks moms and dads for a GREAT christmas) We started school on January 5 and have been studying away since. We did get to go to our friends, Skye and Flechers, sealing and reception last weekend-which was beautiful. School has been going really well-we are both busy and working hard but we are loving our classes. Some great news, i just got a part time job. We have been looking since the beginning of last semester and it has been a difficult run. We are both grateful that we will be having an income again. Other than these catch up things we haven't done much. We can't believe 8 months of marriage is behind us! We both agree that they have been the best 8 months of our lives and we are looking forward to eternity.