July 31, 2012

Catchin' up

Where to start, where to start...

It's a Sunday afternoon and we're just hanging out and relaxing!  Holly is cozied up next to the fireplace to keep warm (it's not that cold, she just gets cold pretty easy + she's just adjusting from the temperatures she enjoyed/endured from the lower 48 last week), and baby Aubree is asleep in her swing with a big pink binkie in her mouth :)

I think our last post was a quick update after we had the baby.  That was an fun time.  It's hard to believe that that was only 2.5 months ago!  Geez...it seems like she's been with us forever.  Crazy how that works; I'm sure that resonates with a lot of ya'll.  Anyways, we got some great pics back from parents from May when they came up to see the new baby and we thought we'd use them to fill in the gaps of what we've been up to in the past little while.

Picking up Mom H from the airport.

 Mom and Dad O at Flat Top. 
Both Grandmas had a blast being grandmas.  My Dad loved playing grandpa too, but also had an Alaska agenda :)  We made sure we did a little fishing while he was here.  We took a halibut charter out of Whittier, AK in the Prince William Sound.  It had been poor weather all week long, but on Memorial Day (when we went out) the water was so glass we could have water skied.  It was awesome.

We limited out on Halibut, Yellow Eyed Rock Fish and caught a ton of Cod.  We ended up throwing back all of the Cod because the captain said that most of them in that area had worms...nasty. 
On the way back into Whittier, we got close enough to shore to see this guy.

You might have to click on the pic to get a better look, but it's a black bear.

My Dad couldn't believe that we didn't have TV at our place (we never signed up for Cable or Dish when we got up here).  We just learned to do without it and have found that there is plenty to do around here to keep us busy. That being said, the week after he left we had the idea to just hook up the cable cord and see if MAYBE we could pick up any channels...

haha...we'd lived here 6 months thinking we didn't have any TV.  Sorry Dad :)

We blessed baby Aubree in Utah on the 8th of July while we were there for Adam and Siera's wedding. We had tons of family and friend support.  Let me just say from a Dad perspective, that was an awesome experience.

My little football.

Matt's little football :)  We had a picture cut out of Elder Olson at Adam and Siera's wedding reception.

The happy married couple. We are very excited for these two to be married.  Congrats to them both.

More pictures of baby Aubree...

Holly's sister Ashley graduated form the medical assisting program and BYU-Idaho and Holly and Aubree got to go to her graduation. Congrats Ashley!  Hope Portland is fantastic. 

When we put Rexburg in our rearview mirror, we wondered if we would ever make it back...funny that it's only been 7 months and we're back already! I'll actually be back there in September for a recruiting trip for my work.

Speaking of business trips, I have been able to see some beautiful places up here in my audit travels.  Here are just a few.  (If it's not already obvious, this blog post has turned out to be much more work that I thought it would and I'm just wanting to be done now!  ...more pictures, less talk)

And...what would be a blog post from us without a picture of a moose for all our fam and friends in the lower 48? Holly got this pic a month or so ago...I guess he was romping around in the water at this park and having a grand time.