August 30, 2011

Our summer is sadly coming to an end (here in about 2 weeks) but it has been such a wonderful summer packed with lots of memories. Here are a few of those memories:
headed to the beach
boogie boarding
yummy burgers
LOVE the beach

universal studios
the little mermaid
our first camping trip together
LOTS of pool time in St. George
LOVIN the sunshine

hope all your summers have been as great as ours!!

July 8, 2011

The Month of June

June was such a fun/busy month. We are still in school, but we managed to sneak away a few times for some fun things such as.....
Luckily we were already in Utah for my friend Macey Jones' wedding and so we stayed with Eric's family and enjoyed the Holiday weekend with them. We went to the stadium of fire (it was my first time going and it was SO awesome...i highly recommend it) and it was so much fun. David Archuleta and Brad Paisley were the performers-both were GREAT!! I loved the sunshine, being away from school, being with a great family, and fireworks! Some Pictures (sorry for the bad quality on some of them)......

David Archuleta (didn't get a good one of Brad)

Awesome firework show!!

Macey's Wedding
I was so excited that we were able to be there for one of my GREAT friends' wedding. The sealing was beautiful, and so was the bride. I am super happy and excited for you Macey Jones Peterson!
The Girls
Not sure why Mckell is in the background and not in the picture with us?

Eric's 24th Birthday
Eric's birthday was June 26. Sadly, it probably wasn't the best birthday he has ever had. It fell on a sunday this year
-and so did one of my nursing clinicals. Unfortunately i wasn't able to be there during the day (my shift was 7-7)
but i did make it home in time to have steak and potatoes and cake that night. Hopeful next year is better!
24 candles=1 box of birthday year i will have to buy 2 boxes! you're getting old :)

Adam's Homecoming
Eric's brother, Adam, has been serving a mission in Fiji and got back in June. It was a lot of fun for the whole family to be together again. Adam-thanks for the fun gifts you brought back-Eric LOVES his Machete and his Sulu.
Adam brought the boys back "sulu's" Eric loved it and wore it the whole trip back to rexburg.

At the Airport...
He made it!

It has been such a fun month. We loved being able to see and spend time with friends and family. Now we are gearing ourselves up for our finals week. July 20th marks the last day of our semester and then starts our 7 week summer break! Wish us luck!!!

June 6, 2011


what midterms do to you...

too many hours in the library...
wishin' we were here!!!
good thing i have him to keep me sane!
We just finished with our midterms for the semester which means we only have 1/2 left! We are both doing well in our classes and enjoying what we are learning. Saturday was such a beautiful day in Rexburg-we spent part of the afternoon at the park, but had previously made a promise to each other to get our homework/studying done...which means we left the beautiful sunshine to find our favorite (sarcasm?) cubicles to start the studying. We sure can't wait for our 7 week summer break to begin!
This morning Eric and I both registered for our LAST semester of school!!! It's always stressful picking the right teachers, finding times that work together so you dont have a really random schedule, but we succeeded and are now officially registered for our LAST semester! What a great feeling!!!

May 18, 2011

missin' him

i am missing this guy a lot right now...
because he is in this place right now...
(Portland Oregon)
Eric went with the school on a trip to Portland to talk with different accounting firms and businesses for the rest of the week. I am so excited for him, jealous of him, but mostly i just MISS him! We're crossing our fingers that he can have some luck in talking with the different firms and who knows...maybe find an internship. So good luck Eric and have fun...but hurry home!

April 28, 2011

this clas...

this class just might be the death of me....
first test this weekend...wish me luck!

April 11, 2011

2 more...

that's has been 2 semesters since the last time i was on here and guess what?? only 2 more! It is amazing how fast time goes by! I am half-way through with the nursing program and i can't believe it!!! Eric and i will both be graduating in december (perfecting timing huh?)
We both just finished up with the hardest-toughest semester we have ever had. It feels good to have accomplished something challenging-it also feels good to have it behind us :)

Right now we are on our one week break before we start another semester on the 19th of april. I am excited for this coming semester because of the nursing classes and clinicals i will be involved in-pediatrics and labor and delivery. Speaking of which i have great news...i applied to do a preceptorship at the hospital in Idaho Falls for labor and delivery and i GOT IT! I am super excited about it. Basically it's like an internship. I will get to work one on one with a nurse for half the semester learning and learning all i possibly can. I am super excited and grateful for the opportunity!

We are loving our time at BYU-Idaho. It is such a wonderful place...though we do wish it would stop snowing :)