June 26, 2009

HAPPY BIRTHDAY-to a VERY special guy

eric is my most favorite guy
i love him so much and there is no question why
he makes me laugh and he makes me smile
he makes me feel loved all the while
his sense of humor is definitely the best
and after hours of working he still doesn't rest
he comes home all full of love and joy
sometimes i forget he is even a boy
we could talk and talk all night long
but we wouldn't get much sleep and that would be wrong :)
he comforts and cuddles me all through the night
i love when he wakes me up squeezing me tight
today is his special day and i want him to know
that my love for him wont fade or falter, but will continually grow
so eric here is to you on this fabulous day
i hope everything continues to go your way!
i love you!

June 25, 2009

A tRiP tO tHe BeAcH

The BEACH is one of my most
places to be at. I love the smells and sounds
and i LOVE the sand!
This trip to the beach was a little different. Eric took me to a lake that kind of had a beach-it was a gorgeous place! We don't really have time during the weeks to go out and see what's around us, so eric, after working a week in this place, decided we needed to take a sunday drive so that he could show me this place. It was kind of stormy, windy, and cold, but i had a great time! It made me miss the summers i would spent at the beach with my family, but it was great to be there with eric!

June 5, 2009

9 Months of Distance

So i was looking through all of my pictures that i have of Eric and I while were dating and it just made me realize how much i LOVE him. Since our first date i knew that he was something special-something i wanted to pursue :) . I loved that i could be my "real" self around him. He was someone i could tease and joke with and just have LOTS of fun. I think that is why everything happened so quickly. From the first kiss to the first " I love you's " my feelings for him were so very STRONG. We did the distance relationship for 9 months (august 08-april 09) - and let me tell ya, there were some definite hard times, but looking back now i have NO regrets and i can say LOUD AND PROUD that it was well worth every minute of the MANY drives we did from either logan to provo, or provo to logan. I love him so much and i am so glad that we worked through time and distance to be able to be together FOREVER.

June 3, 2009

A quick update on our life

We did it! We are now married! After 5 months of being engaged, May 15 finally came and we are now married! I have never been happier! Life is just good! So we were married on a friday, had a reception on saturday in Idaho, opened gifts on sunday, and monday we flew to San Diego where we spent the next 4 days relaxing in the sun. Thursday night we flew back to Eric's parents house and stayed the night there. The next day we packed up our stuff, said our goodbye's, and hit the road. We stopped in Rupert to load my stuff and drove for hours and hours. We stayed the night in Montana, and continued our drive until we reached Red Deer, Alberta Canada at 7 pm saturday night. We were both exhausted, tired, and a little grumpy, so when our boss showed us our apartment we were both very disappointed. After we got our keys and were left alone, i bawled my eyes out. I knew that this was going to be a hard summer. Our apartment was NASTY-peanuts and band aid wrappers on the floor, garbage needing to be taken out, and a very UNCLEAN bathroom. To make things even better our oven and stove don't work, we have no kitchen table, and as for a bed, well we pushed two twins together and tried to make our queen bedding fit (Eric is sick of sleeping on the crack). Days went by and i became more optimistic and decided to make the best out of this and since then everything has been good. Eric leaves for work at 2 and i leave at 4. We both get home at about the same time, usually 12ish or so. We have LOVED being married! We are both just so happy! We love all the time that we have had together so far and look forward to all the times coming.