March 14, 2012

We have had a lot of fun these past couple of weeks with the many things going on in Anchorage. We went to the Iditarod "kick off" start a couple weeks ago (if you're like me and didn't know what the iditarod is the dog sled race from anchorage to gnome alaska which is 1049 miles long. Pretty impressive). We were really surprised that they don't use huskies for their dogs. I guess that huskies don't have as good of endurance as these other dogs do? Something like that i guess. Eric LOVED this. He was having so much fun. Unfortunately i was ready to go before he was and he being the wonderful guy he is left without complaining. He's a keeper :)

We went out one night in hopes of seeing the northern lights but came home unsuccessful. We were bummed to hear that we missed them by like 20 minutes! Eric made a deal with me that if we saw the northern lights he would take me out for ice cream. I agreed, thinking we would see them FOR SURE. I was, of course, bummed for more than one reason when we didn't see the northern lights. Those of you that know me know that i LOVE my ice cream.

Last friday eric came home with tickets for the Alaska Aces hockey game. They are a semi-pro team and are pretty good. We had a fun time (pictures are on erics phone...)

And for the most exciting news.....
Baby Girl is doing great. The Dr says she is growing and is right on track. Everything looks and sounds great! We are so excited.
On sunday night we set up her little swing...we both get soo excited when we see it all set up. Only 2 more months!
And for the pictures...
I am now 31 weeks which means...we're in the single digit weekly countdown :)

These pictures don't do it justice...i AM growing i promise!
We love this little girl so much and are SO excited for her to come!