August 10, 2009

Fun Trip To Banff

We have been in Canada for a while now and we haven't got to go do or see very much.  This last sunday we planned a trip to Banff National Park (it's pretty much the yellowstone of Canada).  We rode with another technician, our boss, and a girl from the singles branch.  It was a long drive, but it was a lot of fun.  We left early enough to go to the branch in banff and still have time to drive around and see the different things there. It was a fun trip
the entrance to banff
hah, eric forgot his church shoes...
in front of the church we went to in kind of looked like a cabin on the outside and inside. It was tiny

we didn't know that the other 2 were staying in church for priesthood and relief society, so we had changed and we were waiting outside taking pictures of the flower eric picked for me
This is the Banff Springs Hotel-it was HUGE and it reminded me of a castle

we then drove to the other side, right beneath the hotel to see the falls and eat some lunch
at the falls 
eric HAD to have a picture with this guy... he had a funny name for him, something from Rocky and Bullwinkle i think? i don't remember...
eating some lunch... and trying to figure out the color effect on my camera
The next few pictures are from Lake Louise

This was probably my favorite place we went to
It was a really pretty place
We were waiting for the others to finish taking pictures and such so we started taking some pictures of ourselves...
  This is the "who can do the most forehead wrinkles" picture...i won 
the next few pictures are all from moraine lake

The view from the rock pile Eric climbed

from the top of the rock pile.
The water was SO blue from the glaciers