October 31, 2013

North Shore Day 3: Haliewa

On this day we spent our day trying to figure out surfing some more. Eric got it down and I was there to capture it :)

 He rode it all the way in! 

 We are teaching her young. Eric is determined to get her in snow skis soon :)

 I got brave enough to go out and try. Unfortunately it started getting really busy with people doing lessons. (that is my excuse anyway :)

 Snowcones were on my "to-do list" and Aubree loved it. 

This picture makes it look like she hated it-she loved it i promise. She was just saying "cold." :)
Eric snapped a few pictures of the cool plants by the beach house we stayed at. 

And this is the beach house we stayed at. It was soooo perfect. The place where all the towels are hanging off of is an outdoor eating area. It had a table and chairs and stools along the bar area where the towels were. On the "roof" is a deck area that was really nice too. We loved watching the stars up there.  It was so perfect for all of us (8 adults and 6 kids).


 View from the house. Gorgeous.

 There were geckos all over the place. Brown, green, and ttttiiiinnny little ones. 

Aubree with her friend Jocelyn. 
I thought i should end this post with this cute girl. 

dont you worry. there is mooooooore to come :)

October 27, 2013

North Shore: Day 2- Trip to Lanikai

This beach is paradise. It was the white sand and crystal clear water you see pictures of. It was definitely my favorite place we went to! We packed up all our gear and went to Lanikai with all our friends. Again, there are plenty of pictures to go through :)

Sorry Eric-Aubree was too cute in this picture. I had to share it! :)

Not sure what exactly these little things are called but they are in the jelly fish family and they sting you. They look like a little blue bubble in the water. Luckily there were hardly any of them. This poor guy got washed up on shore. 
Awesome crab that Eric "found" (the kids that were sitting next to us found it but they left and let it go. Eric hurried and scooped it up once they left so we could get a picture of it...and so that he could say he caught a crab :)

These two girls were mistaken for sisters everywhere we went (and I can't count how many asian tourists asked if they could get a picture of them - weird).

After we spent the day in Lanikai we drove back down to Haliewa for a sunset catamaran cruise. Our friends took Aubree with them back to the beach house and Eric and I enjoyed a couple hours to ourselves. It was a lot of fun and so beautiful. (On this cruise i learned that flying fish are real-we saw hundreds of them. Way cool)

Eric wanted me to join him on the front of the "boat" but i was smarter than that....

It was a perfect night-gorgeous sunset-and so much fun with Eric. This was such a perfect day! 
More to come....