April 29, 2013

11 Months

Just a week or so behind, but here is a glimpse of our sweet 11 month old Aubree:

(The "lay in the laundry basket picture" isn't going to happen...this is as close as i could get)

(It's like she knows i am taking pictures and so she wont smile. She pulls faces though. Silly silly silly girl)

(I'm tellin' ya-the girl loves her toothbrush)

(I love her little dimple)

(And again..no smile-just making faces)

(Easter morning. She was so excited about her soccer ball)

(And this is the baby she LOVES to cuddle and hold..it is seriously the sweetest thing to see her do that)

Oh and....

I had a birthday a few weeks ago and it was a GREAT one!
Eric sssssppppoiled me! (New nike shirt, under armor hoodie, AND-a new tennis raquet! I'm SOOO excited to use it this summer) I felt so loved! Thanks to all my wonderful friends and family for making it such a wonderful day and for the kind words in your cards/letters/texts!! I love you all!

( I have wanted new couch pillows for a while and so eric went and bought some and had them laying out. His favorite is the middle one i am holding...probably not going to happen :)

And-Eric made me a cake! Yes, Eric-the man who dislikes baking! Chocolate cake with a whipped cream center with chocolate frosting and sprinkles. I surely enjoyed it :) (as did everyone we shared it with..no i didn't eat the whole thing...i could have though!!)

Life is great here in Alaska. Eric's traveling should slow down a bit-which i am happy about-i love having him home! Aubree and I are enjoying playing with each other every day. (I have the best job)
It is getting warmer (ish) and we are hoping for a nice summer! Eric is excited to go hunting (bear hunting at that...crazy boy) and i am excited to be outside without a coat!