September 30, 2013

aubree update

We went to the dr a week ago and aubree is doing great. She is a whole whopping 19 pounds :) But she is healthy and developing perfectly! She is talking more and more each day. She loves to "play soccer" with her dad,  loves to eat chocolate chips (she knows where they are in the pantry and she has been caught eating them), loves to dance and spin in circles, LOVES to play outside, LOVES to play with moms purse, LOVES to put on lotion (constantly coming up to me with the lotion bottle in hand asking for "more"), gives the best hugs and kisses! We love this little sweetie. Here are a few pictures we wanted to share.

September 10, 2013


 We went on a flight seeing tour a couple weekends ago around Denali. Unfortunately it was super cloudy and rainy so we weren't able to see all that much, but what we did see was beautiful. I have never been on a small plane like this before and  i was a little nervous, but we survived and had a lot of fun.

The pilot told us that she would be fine to get out of the carseat after take off if she cried. She sure cried. :) We let her out and all she wanted to do was stand in front of the carseat and play with the buckles. Whatever keeps her quiet right :)

 There were huge glaciers under us the whole time we were flying. They were mostly covered in dirt and rocks, but every now and again there would be patches of this bright blue water(above) or really cool ice designs (below).

 It's fall in Alaska-the colors have started changing!

 The last few minutes of the flight were rough. Aubree starting screaming out of the blue. It took me a minute to realize what was wrong-her ears were hurting her. Poor girl. Once we landed she was back to her happy self.  I can now cross "fly in a small plane over alaska" off of my "to-do" list-not sure it was on there in the first place, but i'll add it on and cross it off now.