August 22, 2012

3 month cutie

we sure love this cute girl. can't believe she is 3 months already! we are so blessed to have her!

August 14, 2012

camping weekend.

This past weekend we took a little trip with some friends to Willow for an overnight camp-out.  We rented a little cabin and managed to fit 6 adults and 3 babies (the babies all did so good we even managed to get some sleep). It was a beautiful area over looking a beautiful lake.  The weather was absolutely perfect.  We really enjoyed ourselves (and i really enjoyed my shower once we were home).
and yes, aubree's bed was a laundry worked great :) 

August 4, 2012

aubree adele

I absolutely love being home with this little girl.  This past week Eric was working in Bethel Alaska.  Aubree and I decided it would be fun to spend some of our time having a little photo shoot and messing around with our camera a bit. Here are a few pictures we got:

 She was all smiles...but then she got a little tired of a big black thing in her face and me making silly noises and such to get her to smile.

This is how she tells me "no more" :)

But...I did manage to get a couple more out of her.  
She is such a beautiful little girl and we absolutely LOVE her!