March 8, 2010

the best

the best=valentines day
valentines day was a while ago, i'm a little behind on this blog, but
it was the best! I have the best husband EVER. He told me he was
planning a little surprise for valentines day so that i wouldn't make
any big purchases or plans. I was so excited! Well, he surprised me
with a little scavenger hunt around our house and it lead to our ihome
where my FAVORITE colbie caillat song was playing (probably the one
playing on your computer right now) and in front of it was a beautiful
rose and 2 tickets to the colbie caillat concert!!! Oh man oh man i was
SOO excited and SO happy. Eric is seriously the best-not because he got
me tickets to my favorite singer, but because of how much love he has
for me. He is too good!
and as for valentines DAY-we got a call that morning to meet with our stake president.
Eric got a new calling-so long ward indexing leaders hello 2nd counselor in the
bishopric! Wow we were surprised :) but it seems to be going great. We
have a wonderful bishop and a great ward and a BEAUTIFUL new church building
(no more meeting on campus!!!!)
Other than these updates life has just stayed very busy. Eric now has a job on campus
at the career/internship office. He works doing the resume critiques and mock interviews!
We are just truckin along and doing GREAT!