June 6, 2011


what midterms do to you...

too many hours in the library...
wishin' we were here!!!
good thing i have him to keep me sane!
We just finished with our midterms for the semester which means we only have 1/2 left! We are both doing well in our classes and enjoying what we are learning. Saturday was such a beautiful day in Rexburg-we spent part of the afternoon at the park, but had previously made a promise to each other to get our homework/studying done...which means we left the beautiful sunshine to find our favorite (sarcasm?) cubicles to start the studying. We sure can't wait for our 7 week summer break to begin!
This morning Eric and I both registered for our LAST semester of school!!! It's always stressful picking the right teachers, finding times that work together so you dont have a really random schedule, but we succeeded and are now officially registered for our LAST semester! What a great feeling!!!