August 26, 2010

quick update

so-it has definitely been a while. Eric and i have both finished 3 semesters at BYU-I and are now enjoying the last few weeks of our summer before we jump into another semester.

Some updates-eric is still in the bishopric in our ward-he loves it and does so well at it. I got a new calling a few weeks ago. I am the primary president in our ward of 2 kids :) (but i just received word that 4 more kids will be joining us...hooray) it is super fun and i enjoy every second of it.

I didn't get into the nursing program :( that was a hard day, But i've learned to have faith in God's timing and in his plan.

Our one year anniversary past about 3 months's crazy how fast time goes by. We are so in love and are just loving living life together.

I got a new job at Deseret Book- i was so glad to say goodbye to Melalueca :) Deseret Book has been soo super good to me. The people i work with are fabulous and my job is just perfect. ( My 2nd week working there i got to meet david archuleta-he came for his book signing and i got to meet him while i was working- that was pretty fun)

We went on a fun vacation to Portland, Oregon and then on to the Oregon Coast where we stayed at my grandparents beach house. We loved Oregon-it was beautiful and so much fun. We loved the beach and the nice break from Rexburg :)

I have to leave my job now :( i was only there for about 3 1/2 months and i have loved every second, but i am leaving with good reason. ready for some BIG exciting news.... remember how i said i didn't get into the nursing program? Well, i didn't. But a couple of weeks ago we received some EXCITING news-someone dropped their spot in the program and i was next in line-which means.....I GOT IN!! Oh that was such an exciting day. I was working and Eric came into the store with the letter and said read this- I was so happy, surprised, and excited that i cried. I am so thankful and feel so blessed. I am getting so nervous and anxious!! There was a lot of paperwork and things that need to be done before school starts so i got right on it-i am now CPR certified, did my criminal background check (which is clean if you were worried), did my physical at the doctor (in which i found out that my left eye sees pretty much nothing-good thing i have a strong right eye...this might mean glasses???) did my immunizations, my arm is still super sore from that, and now i am just getting started on the 3 tests i have to take before school starts-yep, 3 tests...i feel a little intimidated, but i'll make it.

Life is great! We are loving being in Rexburg, living in a wonderful apartment, being close to the temple, being students, but we are mostly loving our summer with one another.

(i'll try not to make it a year until the next promises though )