October 17, 2012


A couple weeks ago Eric had a work trip in Kenai, Alaska which is about 2 1/2 hours south of Anchorage.  Aubree and I decided to go spend the week with him in Kenai.  Unfortunately it rained....a lot! But, we were able to catch a few hours of sunlight and we spent those hours out exploring.

I am pretty sure Kenai is a pretty big fishing place. We came across tons of old fishing boats.  I thought it was pretty crazy to have a "junk yard" of old fishing boats rather than a junk yard of old cars. 

I think Eric mentioned it was fall in a previous post.  Well, fall has come and gone.  Yes i can look out my window and see snow on the ground! We were able to catch a couple pictures of the last few leaves out.  (Since this was two weeks ago i am pretty sure the leaves and the green grass is long gone).

We stopped at a little board walk type place and took some pictures of this marshy area. It really is a beautiful place!

As we were driving down the tiny little "main street" I saw a sign that said Beach Access and then an arrow pointing to the ocean.  I had NO idea that there was a beach in Kenai.  I got SOOOO excited.  We followed the beach access signs, got out of the car and saw this beautiful view...

A little closer view...

and now we are walking on the beach :)

Agates!!!! My grandma and grandpa child would appreciate this picture 
(making sure my rock is an agate)

One last view of the beautiful ocean before heading back.

And of course...these two had to be included on the post. (I love them both SOO much) 

 I just had to document this.  I have never seen a caribou crossing sign before.  You can find them in Kenai Alaska! (unfortunately we did not see one...maybe next time)

October 9, 2012

4 Months

that rice cereal is finger licking good :)
 (this is the famous "birdie" toy she loves)

This sweet little girl just melts our hearts.  We love her so much and feel so blessed to be her parents!