April 25, 2012

baby shower

We are so blessed and lucky to live in an awesome ward.  A few ladies in the ward jumped at the opportunity to throw us a baby shower and it was awesome! Great company, great food, and this little girl was very spoiled :)
Here are a few pictures i managed to get with my phone. (Isn't that cake gorgeous...the top was gray, but it started to turn green...either way-it was BEAUTIFUL..and delicious)

Eric's work rented out the bowling alley one night.  We were able to go and meet some people and enjoy being out.  I opted out on bowling, Eric let me take one of his turns.  :)

And for baby news...we are now 37 weeks.  We had an ultrasound last week and everything looked great! He did some measurements and estimated her weighing about 5 3/4 pounds (i thought this was pretty good...she has a few more weeks to plump up some more :) This little girl could come any time now-crazy thought! We are finishing up putting all of her things together and are getting so excited to meet her!

April 12, 2012

birthday weekend.

This past weekend i was very spoiled. We celebrated my 22nd birthday on friday and it was a wonderful day! Eric surprised me with balloons and decorations and GREAT gifts (definitely spoiled me). He made this day a very special one!
I have been wanting to try the new "cake batter" oreos but unfortunately we haven't been able to find them here in Alaska. Eric, being the creative man he is, made some "homemade cake batter" oreos. He bought the frosting and sprinkles and made his own version. They were delicious. I love his creative mind!
For my birthday i wanted to use all of the birthday coupons that i received via email/mail for some "freebies." We started the morning off at IHOP. These delicious strawberry pancakes were wonderful...and free!
For dinner we went to our favorite...Red Robin. Huge burgers and delicious fries...all free!
And my favorite....Ice Cream. We went out for our free scoop of ice cream. It was divine.
It was a great birthday. I am so blessed with a WONDERFUL husband and with GREAT family. I love you all!
And just for good measure...here is our 35 week picture! Getting super excited to meet our little girl!