January 6, 2014

aubree update (via pictures)

way behind on this blog of ours. But i thought i would catch you up using pictures. enjoy.
 lunch with dad celebrating aubree's 1/2 birthday.

 mall time with friends-staying busy coloring. 

 she takes after me on this one. i love cookies and i love m&ms. 
 She stayed in her stroller and didnt complain the entire race. It was suuuuuper cold out but she did awesome.

 Baking cookies with her mom. 
 Someone stole santa's cookies :)

 and santa's milk.

 She kept bringing me the balls and wanted them stuffed in her shirt. It was so funny-and totally her idea.

 Cutest little profile. I looooove this little sweet girl.

 Minnie jammies with her friend Jane.
 We were able to see our friends the Robisons during our layover in Seattle. It was so good to see them again.
 Sharing snacks with her friend while watching a movie (probably despicable me. that's her all time favorite)
She sat like this for like 10 minutes straight while watching her movie. Such a funny girl. 

We are all doing really really well. We had a fantastic christmas break spent in utah with family. It was wonderful to see everyone again! We are back to Alaska and  are still really liking it up here! We are finally gaining daylight (the sun rise is at like 10am and the sun set is like at 3:30 or something around there) and i am SOOOO happy about that! It's hard when it's dark all the time. Eric is keeping busy at work (it is the company's year end so it is very crazy busy) and I just started my online classes at BYU-I to finish off my bachelors of nursing. Aubree is doing great. She loves yogurt (go-gurt), crackers, cookies, juice, and popcorn. She loves to play with her babies and with her purse. She loves to build with her blocks and then take them apart. She LOOOOVES to watch movies (she asks to watch a movie or elmo or curious george all day long). Her favorite movie is despicable me (both the first and second) but has recently discovered toy story and has been asking to watch that one on repeat. She is learning new words all the time-it's so fun to hear her say words. She says "nope" in place of "no" with extra emphasis on the "p" so it's like nopppe. She weighs a whopping 21 pounds (i had her stand on the scale today because i was curious of how much she weighed) and is still a vvvveeeeerrrryyyy picky eater. She throws her share of temper tantrums-this involves banging her head on the ground and then laying on the floor for minutes until she gets over it. Overall she is a very happy little girl and we love her so very much!

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  1. these pictures are beyond cute! She is such a sweet little girl.
    Those pictures of her with the balls in her shirt cracked me up!!