January 7, 2014


Yesterday was a good day. It was one of those days that Aubree was 100% content (for the most part) and just wanted me by her side to play with her. I feel so lucky to be her best friend. I love her so very much. I wanted to document this day because it meant so much to me. I love being her mom. Nothing special happened-just some regular old blocks being put together and pulled apart over and over again-but it was so wonderful. I loved sharing it with this little sweetie. 

The book in the picture above is one of her "scripture books" that we read to her every night before bed. It plays some of the primary songs and she loves it. She pulled it off of her shelf yesterday and played the song and danced and tried to "sing" along with me. 
And then she did this....without being told to or prompted at all. Once the song was over she folded her arms and bowed her head and started saying the prayer (in Portuguese because that is how we pray every night). (we're still working on the whole 'close your eyes during the prayer thing')
 It melted my heart. She is learning so much every day. I love it.

And then we had a little meltdown/pout moment. That is her pout position. Sometimes she just stays like that, sometimes she is banging her head on the floor, sometimes she is face down sliding her head around, and sometimes she rolls around on the ground. This time she just sat there for a couple of seconds and then was very QUICKLY distracted by blocks.
What a wonderful day 1-6-14 was!

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